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PARENTS AND DARK WEB: Knowing to protect.

Disappointed with the results of an exam, a 16-year-old student ventured onto the dark web and was found suicidal the next morning.

What happened to her?

Who did you talk to and why?

What we do know is that the girl has performed step by step every single instruction that the members of a group that praises suicide have given her in order to help her in her insane gesture.

This is the Dark Web, where everything is sold and can be bought, including human lives. No refunds.

The problem is that most parents ignore the existence of the Deep and Dark Web and are convinced that their children probably do not know this reality either.

What can be done to protect these teenagers?

First of all it is necessary to understand that information is the basis of everything and that no "child", not even the most perfect and naive, is immune from the curiosity of the forbidden in the light of this, no parent should close his eyes to a reality which becomes more and more worrying.

Let's understand together what is meant by the Dark Web: The Dark Web is the evil twin of the World Wide Web, that is, the surface of the internet that we all know and use regularly with Safari, Chrome and the like.

It will probably amaze you but this web part represents only 4% of the total Internet; I compare it to an iceberg, which allows ships to see only its surface, hiding the danger underwater.

Here, this is the Deep Web.

What is the difference between the Dark Web and the Deep Web?

Most of the Deep Web is neither dark nor dangerous, it simply isn't accessible via the public browser we all know. (e.g. government archives)

But the deepest part of the Deep Web iceberg is dangerous. It can only be accessed through a secret server system that exists completely separate from the public Internet. That lower level is what we call the Dark Web.

Who Uses the Dark Web?

Those who wish to search and find a secret virtual location for probable criminal or dangerous activities and remain anonymous. Typically, users log into the dark web to:

Drug trafficking

Having illegal weapons

Hire a hitman

Book a sex vacation with children

Generic illegal trade

Exchanging information and engaging in torture Participate as an active or passive bystander in torture and murder for sexual pleasure

Enter a suicide chat room.

How do users access the dark web?

It is extremely easy.

The Dark Web may be secret, but it hides by showing itself to anyone and giving everyone a chance to download the free login browser called TOR.

TOR stands for "The Onion Router" and works by adding multiple layers of encryption to a website's traffic as it bounces off the network, then slowly detaching these layers, one by one, until you reach the website you are looking for, at the aim to keep the identity secret Hence the term Onion, translated from English "onion".

How likely is it that a child will access the Dark Web?

Generally the Dark Web is not that attractive to most younger children because it lacks the features of social media, it does not contain popular games, and it does not represent any virtual hangouts with friends. However, the Dark Web is starting to attract older kids such as high school students looking for local drug dealers or simply a dose of adrenaline suggested by friends, media, TV series or viral urban legends.

The important thing not to be underestimated is undoubtedly the simple curiosity. This is why many parents, ignoring this important element, fail to protect their children.

What to do to safeguard your children?

If you suspect that a child has used TOR on an unprotected device, it is recommended to search for "TOR" in the installed apps and, if present, it is necessary to communicate clearly and without judgments or punishments, explaining the reasons why it is better to remove the browser and avoid using it.

It is essential to have an open and blameless communication in order to obtain from the adolescent as much information as possible and a sufficient degree of sincerity.

If truths should emerge from the story that are objectively alarming and can be traced back to mental plagiarism or solicitation or instigation to commit illegal acts, it is strongly recommended that you contact the police.

Dr. Valeria Rossi, Criminologist,

Criminal Profiler and Behavior Analyst

Member of the Board of Directors

IPO Section Italy

Country Coordinator for Italy of CCIO

Counter Crime Intelligence Organization

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