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Public letter of IPO Founder President

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Honorable members of the IPO, as you know, since January of this year the IPO is not just an International Organization but has become a Multinational International Organization based in several countries around the world, with International Coordination Headquarters located in Milan Italy.

Since January of this year, we have made many changes in our organizational, administrative, and commanding structure.

We have established international partnerships with professional organizations to achieve our objectives and to bring to you the best of any profession related to the field of security, criminology, intelligence, and those that match our program.

Our name as an international police organization gives us the honor and obligation to be professional and collaborative with the state, public and private structures by contributing to be close to the community through professional courses, training, webinars, and various seminars to prevent and reduce crime and raising the level of security in the community.

Thanking you for being with us and following us from our first steps,

I would ask you to be collaborative in updating your documentation in accordance with the legislation of the European Union and those of your countries.

I invite all those who until December 2020 has been Appointed by me as

Section Leaders, to contact the IPO Department of Administration and Human Resources to update their documentation and the agreements with IPO.

I also want to remind all members whose membership has ended, to contact to receive information on the renewal of their membership until April 30, 2021,

after this date, the IPO Department of Administration and Human Resources will delete from the system any member with ended membership.

Please visit our website to be informed about the new changes and regulations of IPO.

Thanking you for your collaboration, I invite you to respect our guidelines and the decisions of IPO HQ in order to support each other in achieving common goals.


Prof. Ass. Ilija Zivotic Ph.D.

IPO Founder and Honorary President

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