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PUBLIC NOTICE 09-12-2022

Dear Members,

We would like to inform you that IPO Headquarters came across an Instagram profile @interpoliceacademy with domain name (registered on 5.11.2022) which is illegally using IPO registered trademark logo and name.

As we noticed that above mentioned profile and website are trying to mislead public that they are part of IPO by using IPO protected logo, we took necessary actions to inform the public and our legal team to stop this illegal intellectual property misuse.

IPO Headquarters has registered the IPO Logo as its trademark trough EU Intellectual Property Office and US Copyright Office.


@interpoliceacademy and are not part of International Police Organization (IPO) and do not have an affiliation agreement.

Due to that we urge all members to report the Instagram account for violation of intellectual property as shown below.

Also, note that some of the members have might be invited to join the above-mentioned entity. At this time, we do not have information if this INTERPOLICE ACADEMY is registered as a private company or organization or if it’s registered at all.

As this entity is illegally using IPO trademark, we are informing you that it is “conflict of interest” to be part or member of INTERPOLICE ACADEMY while still active member of International Police Organization IPO.

If someone still wishes to be part of this INTERPOLICE ACADEMY, kindly submit you written resignation from IPO and surrender IPO members card withing 3 days to your section leader or to IPO Headquarters.

Thank you for your collaboration

IPO Headquarters

Milan, 9.12.2022

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