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On Sunday 18th December the IPO has delivered an excellent webinar about Military Police (MP) Reform program in Australia.

The presenter was Ivan Miletic Milbridge, an expert with 10 years of experience in managing successful reform and procurement projects for the Australian Department of Defence.

The webinar was about implementing a reform in Security and Defence space. It covered the following topics:

1. MP prior to reform

2. MP Reform priorities

3. Key issues

4. Example of good reform project

5. Key for success

The main focus was on a good governance, approach to implementing a reform, main strategic priorities, steps in implementing a reform program (timeline), key issues that need to be considered as well as some good practice in implementing a successful reform program.

The main messages from the webinar were:

1. The main reason for the MP reform was identified need to enhance the law enforcement capability of the Australian Defence Force and the Department of Defence, to upgrade and remediate policing capabilities as well as to make the MP function more approachable and uniformed.

2. For a successful reform an organisation (either Police or Military) need to engage a dedicated reform team and to avoid tasking business as usual (BAU) resources to implement a reform as an additional task to their existing everyday work activities.

3. You need to engage additional civilian staff within your organisation to enable engineering and administrative work required for implementing a reform and concurrent operational activities (manage business process and administration, maintain and upgrade new technology, plan for introducing and procuring new capabilities, conduct specialised training).

4. Gain support from senior leadership and allocate appropriate budget required for implementing a reform and transition into BAU.

5. A reform is an excellent opportunity to bring new and latest technology to the organisation and start a legislative reform to enable use of the technology in the law enforcement space.

The webinar was attended by IPO members from different sections from around the world.

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