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Updated: Jun 6, 2022

On April 30 was held the first IPO webinar “ Drug addiction”.

This webinar is the first of the series of five webinars that will be held in the future.

The webinar was lectured by Mrs. Sanela Nikolic, Police Officer - Crime Analyst and Coordination Director of IPO Headquarters.

At this webinar, Mrs. Nikolic was talking about drugs in general and shortly presented each drug separately cocaine, heroin, and synthetic drugs, but also about drugs that are most often used by young people like marijuana, tobacco, and alcohol.

Our goal is to educate young people about the consequences of using drugs and about the problems that it brings, not only for each of them but also for their families and friends.

We know that young people start with precursor drugs like tobacco and alcohol,

very soon after that switch to marijuana. All this was the theme of our first webinar about drugs. Our members have the privilege to attend our free webinars, to learn and educate themselves.

After five webinars, they will have the opportunity to check their knowledge in this field by testing and to become a member of our new IPO department for narcotics and drugs and participate in their projects.

In the next webinars, we will talk about each drug separately and webinars will be lectured by the IPO founder President Ass. Prof. Dr. Ilija Zivotic and the IPO Headquarters Coordination Director Mrs. Sanela Nikolic.

We invite all of you, who are interested to learn and educating yourself and also to contribute for a safer future, and working with us, to become our member by applying following form

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