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Smart Cities under the impact of ICT

Technologically advanced smart cities have begun to appear all over the developed world, but within them, criminals are adapting and taking advantage of the technologies on which they are founded.

The illicit trade in drugs, weapons, counterfeiting and trade of documents, etc.,

is evolving rapidly, while ICT "Information and Communication Technologies"

provides the means by which buyers and sellers can communicate and coordinate

their transactions with relative anonymity over long geographical distances.

This evolution has been driven by the combination of evolving technologies and the need for protection and concealment from the law that everywhere in digital surveillance in the smart age has done little to reduce illegal internet commerce.

ICT in the smart age helps fieldwork of traffickers operating in physical and virtual fields.

Studies on illegal virtual markets show that they are growing every day with rapid technological development and the main problem of smart cities under ICT is that they extend the illegal traditional markets to virtual fields, creating communication channels through various platforms which strengthen relations between stakeholders while preserving the elements of market territoriality.

ICT is conceived as a solution to the many problems of modern life embedded within the urban, institutional and private structure environments, providing new means of social control for the state, which is spreading across the smart world and affecting the programs of urban development and government strategies. ,

but in reality, evolving technologies are not perfect and have weaknesses

that can be manipulated by criminal actors.

Moreover, for criminologists, there remains an unlimited picture of the impact of

ICT on smart cities, especially in relation to the threats of organized crime,

mainly illegal markets, and the damages associated with them.

A major shortcoming in this, as well as in the commercial and government literature, is the voice of actors involved in technology networks that actually pose threats to safety and how they perceive and use emerging technologies for illegal purposes.

ICT virtually reconfigures and expands illegal markets, providing insights into their future functioning and this means more activity for the organized crime and more work for the Cyber Crime Experts

Criminologist & Crime Analyst

Executive President CEO

International Police Organization IPO

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