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The 1st IPO Congres, an international meeting of IPO members was held in Belgrade from June 10 to 12 this year.

The event was attended by delegates from 24 sections as well as a large number of members from around 30 different countries where IPO has formed sections.

There were a total of 110 people in the congress hall of the Majestic Hotel, which is located in the center of Belgrade. At the beginning of this unusual event for Belgrade, the founder of the IPO, Dr. Ilija Zivotic, introduced the participants to the congress, successes, and plans for the next year.

Some sections were praised, some received new guidelines how to improve their work, and several sections, according to Zivotic, did not complish the expectations and their leadership was changed so that members in those countries had adequate educational programs in various areas of security.

After Dr. Zivotic, Dr. Mareglen Tomori, the Executive President of the IPO at the international level, spoke. His presentation builds on the previous one and was developed on various techniques that sections should apply in the future in order to improve their work. Tomori also briefed members on elements of cooperation with international organizations, most notably the UN.

After Dr. Tomori finished his presentation, our leader of IPO Section Belgium and Representative for the European Union Mr. Alexander Jan got involved and informed the attenders about the importance of the two accreditations we received this month, which we have published on our website. It is about the accreditation of our courses in the USA and the EU, which gave us official confirmation of the quality of our educational programs in the field of security.

In the meantime, we had some 20 minutes of discussions about the trainings we done until now, and after that, the Vice President of IPO Serbia, the police officer Mrs. Sanela Nikolić, who is also the main coordinator at the international level, presented the training plan for the next period.

According to Mrs. Nikolic, the IPO Academy and courses for specific categories of members, ordinary citizens, police officers, members of the security services, the army and the like are being formed. As a special category, Mrs. Nikolic mentioned information security as an inevitability and something we will work on as an IPO in the future, in addition to the fight against drugs, which remains our main target.

When our moderator Biljana Š. Obradović wanted to announce a coffee break, members of the special units of Pakistan in ceremonial uniforms entered the congress hall and expressed their desire to address the gathered.

This high five-member delegation even traveled from Pakistan to present the IPO leadership with awards for the education that we, as a professional association, provided to their members and which obviously had a remarkable effect. In addition to words of gratitude, members of the Pakistani police expressed a desire to continue cooperation and suggested that the IPO leadership be their guest this year.

“We thank the Kurir portal for transmitting this news on the link”

After a short break, we resumed work.

In this part of the congress we had several extremely interesting lectures for our members. The idea of the organizers was that the second part of the congress after the lunch we provided at the Hotel Majestic for all participants to be educational in nature with attractive topics and lecturers.

The first lecturer in this part of the congress was Mr. Daniel Prastalo from the IPO Section of Slovenia and advisor to the IPO HQ.

Mr. Prastalo has extensive experience as a member of special forces and security senior diplomatic officials and the facilities in which they reside. His lecture was on the topic of detecting explosive devices. In his lecture, Mr. Prastalo dealt with several well-known cases in which members of the security managed to detect various types of explosive devices, but also cases when they failed and when tragedies occurred in order to point out good and bad procedures to our members who deal with with this kind of work they could improve their work in that field.

This extremely interesting and current lecture caused a large number of questions from the audience, which Mr. Prastalo answered for more than 30 minutes, which is just a confirmation of a good presentation with quality information.

After Mr. Prastalo, a lecture by our new leader of IPO Section Romania, Mr. Stefan Epistatu, followed.

His presentation was dedicated to the basics of cyber security with many practical examples. Through this lecture, our members were able to get acquainted through several case studies with the mistakes that most of us make every day because we do not take certain things seriously enough and pass them on easily. In 60 minutes, Mr. Epistatu not only showed where most people make mistakes and what the consequences could be, but also gave instructions on how to behave in the modern world around us, in which digital technologies play a key role.

We all know that in Switzerland, trains are perhaps the best in the world and that their railway is a model for others in Europe. However, precisely because of that, due to the excellent connection with the surrounding European countries and numerous tunnels, the Swiss security services pay great attention to its security. The President of the IPO Section Switzerland, Mr. Imet Cafleshi, spoke about security on the Swiss Railways.

Our Representative from IPO Section Italy, Dr. Dorina Bala, gave a lecture on the importance of equal gender representation in the security services. Thanks to her lecture, we learned about specific situations that are difficult to resolve without the participation of women in the work of security services. Dr. Bala reminded us during her lecture about several women who left a deep mark in the world security services and made an exceptional contribution to the security of their countries.

She also thanked all the women of the international IPO team who have worked and continue to work diligently to achieve the common goals of the large IPO family

A very exciting lecture followed. The gathered had the opportunity to hear first hand what the fight against terrorists and the rescue of hostages looks like. Our leader of IPO Section Ireland, Mr. Lorcan Bajmi, the first European to become a leader in securing VIPs at the former Black Water Company after retiring, presented a case study of the hostage release from a shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya in 2013.

At that time, heavily armed terrorists from El Shabaab took over the market center, kept it under siege for 4 days and killed over 70 people and wounded more than 150. Mr. Bajmi managed to save several people from the mall and transfer them to safety.

The lecture was very emotional when Mr. Bajmi returned via slides to the scene and showed the killed and wounded people all over the mall.

Immediately after the lunch break that we provided to all participants at the Majestic Hotel, the ceremonial part of the congress followed.

In the beginning, the founder of the IPO, Dr. Ilija Zivotic, presented a plaque to the IPO Section Montenegro as the best section in 2022.

This section had the most activities in the previous period and is truly the pride of our international organization.

On behalf of the section, the award was received by Mr. Ivan Pekić, Master of Security, President of the IPO Section Montenegro.

Our representative in Africa and President of IPO Section Kenya, retired police officer Mr. Shuaib Adam, deservedly received recognition for the most successful command.

The IPO African Command managed to attract 400 police officers from all over the continent as well as two interior ministers in just two years, also contributed to the legal registration of the IPO Section Cameroon which in its Executive Board has included high-ranking police officers, Army Officers as well as professionals in the field of civil security, health, and humanitarian

With the help of Mr. Adam, we also made contact with the police of Pakistan and many other countries. The plaque of gratitude was presented to Adam by the Executive President of the IPO, Dr. Tomori Mareglen.

During this part of the congress, Dr. Tomori officially confirmed the 11 sections regularly registered in the country of origin and provided them with certificates from the IPO Headquarters based in Milan, Italy, which are:

1- IPO Section Serbia - Founder and President Dr. Ilija Zivotic

2- IPO Section Italy - Founder and President Dr. Tomori Mareglen

3- IPO Section Montenegro - President Mr. Ivan Pekic

4- IPO Section Bulgaria - Founder and President Mr. Nikolay Keropov

5- IPO Section North Macedonia NMK - Founder and President Mr. Nenad Mirovski

6- IPO Section Bosnia BiH - Founder and President Mr. Petar Babic

7- IPO Section Switzerland - Founder and President Mr. Imet Cafleshi

8- IPO Section Belgium - Founder and President Mr. Alexander Jan

9- IPO Section Cameroon - Founder and President Mr. Pierre Bertrand Ngondi

10- IPO Section France - Founder and President Mr. Nebil Ben Khelifa

11- IPO Section Slovenia - Founder and President Mr. Daniel Prastalo

The IPO Headquarters recognized officially these sections as part of the international IPO organization and gave them the right to use the name, logo, and our program which are trademarks and registered to the European Intellectual Property Office EUIPO and the US Copyright Office also in Serbia at the RS Intellectual Property Office and relevant EU and US bodies.

Dr. Tomori also distributed certificates of participation in the Congress to the delegates of other sections present and officialized the continuation of the registration procedures in their countries other 13 sections and their leaders which are:

1- IPO Section Germany - Section Leader Mr. Uwe Wehrstedt

2- IPO Section Greece - Section Leader Mr. Iskan Selim

3- IPO Section Cyprus - Section Leader Mr. Loukas Hadjilouka

4- IPO Section Romania - Section Leader Mr. Stefan Epistatu

5- IPO Section Slovakia - Section Leader Dr. Samuel Janec

6- IPO Section Netherlands - Section Leader Mr. Haissam Hamdan

7- IPO Section Liechtenstein - Section Leader Mr. Shenajsi Demiri

8- IPO Section Pakistan - Section Leader Dr. Maqsood Ahmed

9- IPO Section Kenya - Section Leader / President Mr. Shuaib Adam

10- IPO Section Azerbaijan - Section Leader Mr. Zaur Garayev

11- IPO Section Israel - Section Leader Mr. Mamed Garayev

12- IPO Section Turkiye - ( Representative in confirmation )

13- IPO Section Albania - ( Representative in confirmation )

The IPO Headquarters will assist in the development and registration of these sections in their respective countries by coordinating the work with the section leaders.

At the end of the official congress ceremony, the International Executive Board of IPO composed of the Founder and Honorary President as well as Special Advisor Dr. Ilija Zivotic, the International Executive President Dr. Tomori Mareglen and the Secretary General and Treasurer Dr. Ombretta Romano gathered to analyze the progress of the congress and to take the necessary decisions for the continuation of the work of IPO.

In this meeting it was decided to take the necessary measures for to the reformation of the other 6 sections which have not expressed interest in the development and did not appear at this 1st international congress which are:

1- IPO Section Denmark

2- IPO Section United Kingdom

3- IPO Section Hungary

4- IPO Section Poland

5- IPO Section Czech Republic

6- IPO Section Argentina

The IPO Headquarters will take control of these sections and will coordinate the memberships and their development directly until the appointment of new representatives and management who will show interest in their development.

IPO Headquarters also prohibits these sections, the leaders, representatives, or their members, the use of the logo, image, name, and anything related to IPO without authorization from the IPO headquarters. IPO HQ also orders the closure of all social networks, e-mails, or websites created by the persons responsible for these sections. Non-compliance with the decisions and instructions of IPO HQ will lead to administrative and legal prosecution of all responsible persons

The IPO Headquarters will continue the negotiations for the finalization of the formation of some other sections which have shown interest in development but which for various reasons have had difficulties that have prevented them from moving forward.

The sections that will be negotiated in the next 6 months are:

1- IPO Section Malta

2- IPO Section Austria

3- IPO Section Croazia

4- IPO Section Spain

5- IPO Section Portugal

6- IPO SEction Sweden

7- IPO Section Ireland

8- IPO Section Luxembourg

9- IPO Section United Arab Emirates UAE

10- IPO Section Kuwait

11- IPO Section Qatar

12- IPO Section Syria

13- IPO Section Iran

14- IPO Section Iraq

15- IPO Section Lebanon

16- IPO Section India

17- IPO Section Algeria

18- IPO Section Egypt

19- IPO Section Uganda

20- IPO Section Brasil

21- IPO Section South America

22- IPO Section USA

23- IPO Section Canada

24- IPO Section Australia

25- IPO Section Singapore

The International Executive Board also approved the initiation of procedures for the establishment of several new departments and divisions in IPO which are:

IPO LED - Law Enforcement Department

IPO CPD - Civil Professionals Department

IPO ADED - Anti-Drug Education Division

IPO CTED - Counter-Terrorism Education Division

IPO CED - Civil Emergency Division

During the following days, IPO Headquarters will open the process of evaluating the candidacies for the heads of these departments and divisions which will be made public after approval by the international executive board and will provide instructions for their operation and development in all sections.

On this occasion, we would like to thank our sponsors Hotel Satelit Zlatibor, which is our long-term partner in which our members with valid membership cards have a discount as well as the company Fleks Kliner / whose latest stain removal product was given to all members as part of a gift bag.

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