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Today, thanks to the Municipality of Stari Grad, which gave us with free courtesy room for debate, held another in a series of mingling with citizens on the subject of drug abuse.

This was fourth in a row we have implemented stand with friends and associates of several professional associations. After the introductory speech of the President of IPO Ilija Životić who spoke about the trends of substance abuse in Serbia, with special emphasis on Belgrade as the city with the largest number of schools, clubs and tourists he took to a brief discussion about the initiative for the legalization of cannabis oil and marijuana , where it was said the positive and negative consequences that can happen by looking at some countries that have implemented such measures. There was talk about the difference between marijuana which can be legally purchased in individual countries and those that are sold in those same countries on the black market as well as the appropriate sanctions must be accompanied by the sale of all types of drugs in Serbia.

After that, word got representative of the International Center for Security Framework of ISC in which it operates and security companies Cougar Sekjuriti Mr. Stanko Supanič who conveyed the experiences that they as a company engaged in the provision of school have to do with drug abuse in teenagers.

 Also Stanko Supanič second part of  presentationis to the problem of not reporting criminal offenses that are related to this topic, the silence of family and friends that in the end everything leads to serious consequences.

Speaker at the discussion was and  lady Hajrija Ramadani which is president of the association of victims of violence called Hajr. Mrs. Ramadani spoke on the procedure in working with victims of violence in families where there is a case of drug addiction and the need to except the direct victims of drug use speaks about the victims in terms of persons with drug addicts caused evil in order to get money for drugs, the broken families as a result of drug abuse.

Exhibitors agreed that it is necessary to work more on prevention, not that professional associations should be more support from society and the state, and that allowing a greater role, the police themselves unburdened and able to successfully deal with narco dealers. They also urged the citizens to cooperate more with professional associations and the police  from which much is expected , but  citizens does not submit sufficient information  which they could carry out the action and prosecution, to report problems related to drug abuse and domestic violence in the first place, not to turn a blind eye to the problem, because every day it just gets harder.

We thank all citizens who attended and especially to young researchers from Kragujevac dealing molekulrnom biology and the study of the problem of drug from the standpoint of philosophy, who have made tendencies in the treatment of the present in the United States, trying to explain how they see the relationship between the disease and, depending on the position of the social and social standards, which is present was very interesting because with such views have not encountered so far.

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