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Community Police Strategy Course Kuwait 16 Jan 2021

It is a training course for community policing concepts

This is to spread the principle and strategy of citizen cooperation with policemen to maintain security, each in his region, and to develop the modern concept of police work to bridge the relationship between society and the police, confront the causes of crime, reach the desired security results, and employ the largest possible amount of society's energies for police work and motivate the citizen to confront crime before it occurs.

The course is sponsored by the British company

International VIP Bodyguard

After completing the course, the trainee obtains membership in the International Police Organization

Attendance certificate.

It is also possible immediately after the course (with additional costs)

• Obtaining a certificate from the Virginia Center for Police Development accredited by the Office of Community Police Services in the United States of America

• Obtaining the badge of the International Police Organization


This course does not conflict with police work and has nothing to do with the Police Academy.

The course aims to support the role of local and international police

Police and law enforcement officers, as well as civilians, can be enrolled after sending the Course application form in advance.

The course is free if you are an active member of our company and the

International Police Organization together

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