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Cooperation with the Independent Police Union of Macedonia

On 22 and 23 February we were guests in Skopje. Our host was Mr. Goce Delchev Tonev, President of the Independent Union of Macedonian Police. Two days of intense meetings and exchange of opinions resulted in conferences in the grand hall of Hotel Continental where IPA President Ilija Zivotic, president Kristijan Mitrovic and representatives of the IPO of Macedonia Janko Janevski and Dalibor Lazov presented our organization to the gathered citizens on February 22.

After that February 23, IPO President Ilija Zivotic and his associates visited the Faculty of Security Skopje where he presented the organization of membership of the Independent Union of the Macedonian Police. It is important to note that this Union is a umbrella organization belonging to the Independent Police Union, the Independent Union of the Forest Police, the Independent Trade Union of the Prison Police

After a one-hour exposure and for the same amount of time that the President of the IPO responded to the questions gathered for police officers from different parts of Macedonia and various fields of activity in the sphere of security with prior approval obtained at the Assembly of the members of this Union, our organization became a partner of NSP Macedonia. A common goal is recognized, which is to increase the security of the citizens of Macedonia, in which the IPO will contribute as a civil security organization to its education. We are very grateful to Mr. Goce Delchev Tonev and the membership of the Union on this great recognition and chance to help the citizens of Macedonia through our education.

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