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"Coronavirus", health challenge or psychological terror?

Today, 48 hours after the news spread that the coronavirus has affected the Lombardy Region and precisely Milan, the largest city in the region where over 30% of businesses are managed by the Chinese who have lived and worked here for years.

Today, 48 hours after the news, it has spread that at the San Raffaele Hospital in Segrate one of the largest hospitals in Milan that employs over 3,100 employees including doctors, nurses and specialists of various nationalities, where since January 2019 it receives over 300 emergencies every day, in which the health service is the fastest and most professional of all the hospitals in Milan and the first hospital par excellence in Italy and Europe, and news has spread that a case that led to positive coronavirus has been isolated.

Today, after having personally visited this hospital and with confidential information, I understand that the situation is calm and that no new positive coronavirus cases have been confirmed so far.

Today, after 48 hours from all this news, information and disinformation on the situation in Lombardy and Milan, I want to communicate and transmit some necessary information to you because we are in a very serious psychological situation in which we receive infinite calls and messages from people known and unknown inside and out Italy who have friends and family who live in Italy, Lombardy and Milan and who are normally very concerned about their health.

As a citizen who has lived in Milan for more than 3 years, my answer to everything is:

The Italian Government, the Ministry of Health, the Lombardy Region, the Municipalities, the Health Centers, the doctors and all the other specialists are doing tireless and highly professional work to keep the situation under control and the sanitary and administrative measures have been taken necessary to ensure that the situation under control and this is by no means a challenge to health, but a psychological terror that is launched in northern Italy.

We are facing various phenomena and we are listening to and reading strange news.

We are facing an increasingly serious social situation in which citizens are emptying supermarkets by taking food measures to survive and isolate themselves inside their homes.

Dear friends, acquaintances and strangers, I advise you to stay calm and not panic because the situation is psychologically overwhelming.

Try not to publish and share information from unofficial portals and channels, try to stay close to each other to be psychologically clear and calm so that you can overcome this situation without panic.

Read and listen to the official channels and follow the instructions issued by the competent state authorities.

The condition is psychologically very heavy and very serious but manageable and under control by the health part and the competent state bodies.

We are faced with a "psychological terror" not with a health challenge.

Dr. Tomori Mareglen,

Criminologist & Crime Analyst .

Expert Consultant in Forensic Sciences, Investigative Criminology and Intelligence

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