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An event organized by the FM “Forensic Movement” on December 4th, which was also attended by our Section Leader Italy the Criminologist Dr. Mareglen Tomori

Dr. Mareglen Tomori

The  FORENSIC  MOVEMENT - Milan Section, as part of the annual initiatives aimed at updating and vocational training, organized training event on defensive investigations.

The event, open to all legal practitioners, the academic community and experts on the subject, aims to draw a complete picture of this institute, in its theoretical and operational profiles, both with reference to the national framework and how much to the supranational ones.

The training event concerns to the open questions inherent to the correct exercise of the right to defend oneself by trying. This right, although of constitutional derivation, is not easy to implement in a system that, on the one hand, still has the dominus of preliminary investigations in the public prosecutor's office and, on the other, has not solved the knots relating to investigations abroad in their multiple manifestations. The framework of the event was completed by the contribution of the experience "in the field" of a private investigator and an IT consultant. The topics were also discussed in terms of the obligations imposed on the lawyer by the ethical standards. The topics were treated according to the teaching methodology of the "frontal lesson" by the speakers. In this perspective, the event was fully consistent with the dictates of the Regulation for the continuous training of lawyers, issued by the National Forensic Council, given that the initiative is characterized by the concrete possibility given to the participants to acquire new knowledge and deepen the notions on the subject.

After the introductory greetings of the lawyer Avv. Antonino La Lumia, Director of COA ( Council of the Bar Association ) of Milan and President of FM ( Forensic Movement Milan Section, the training event was moderated by lawyer  Avv. Claudio Marinelli, Head of Criminal Law Department  of  FM Milan, attended by the following speakers: lawyer Avv. Marina Troglia, Ph.D. in criminal procedural law at the University of Milan "The defensive investigations abroad: lights and shadows".

Prof. Avv. Lucio Camaldo, Associate of Criminal Procedure Law at the University of Milan, scientific coordinator of the CRC (Coordinated Research Centers)  "Defensive guarantees and criminal trial in Europe" .

Dr. Roberto Crepaldi, Magistrate of Court of Milan "Defensive investigations: the point of view of the judging body" .

Dr. Fabio Di Venosa, private investigator, FEDERPOL national communications manager "Defensive investigations: intervention methodologies and practical cases"

Dr. Alessandro Borra, Technical Consultant Ordinary Court of Milan, expert of digital forensics

"The computer test: rules, procedures and examples of digital investigations" .

Lawyer  Avv. Alessandro Bastianello, Councilor of the COA Milan "Defensive investigations: deontological profiles".

At the end of the speeches, ample space was given to questions and requests for further investigation.

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