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Updated: Sep 12, 2022

By Josiba Osmani

- Dear parents, school starts soon and it would be nice to sit down with your child for 5 minutes and explain to them that:

1-If another child is very tall, very short, fat, thin, has curly hair, black or red, etc., has a different skin color and any feature in between, it is not funny to make fun of them.

2-There is nothing wrong with wearing the same shoes every day.

3- Explain to them that a used backpack carries the same dreams as a new backpack!

4-Do not exclude anyone from their friendship because they are different or if they do not have the same skills as you.

5-Help them not to insult and belittle others and what others love, just because they do not share the same love.

6-Explain to them that their temptations always hurt and that they go to school to learn, not to hurt others.

7-Teach them how to be better, loving, and respectful, with those who stay away from the class group.

8-Teach them to include the children who stand alone and eat their bread (perhaps without anything) on ​​their feet, in a corner of the school or classroom, so as not to be seen by their friends.

9-Remind them that communication is very important and that their behavior will affect a better world.


By Josiba Osmani

Schools Security Officer

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