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First International webinar for IPO mebers

A very well-attended webinar was held for our members today.

The name of the webinar was Basics of National Security.

During this training, which was completely free for members, a total of 104 members from all over the world were present. 51 members followed the education via computer while 53 members listened to the webinar via their phones.

The lecturer was the Founder and Honorary President Ilija Zivotic PhD, who also graduated from a two-year master's degree in security studies.

Through the webinar, participants were shown the basics of statehood created after the Wesphalia agreement, with an explanation of the 4 main principles of statehood created by this agreement, on which international law and relations between states are still based today. After that, the reasons for the accession of countries to international security pacts such as NATO, the Warsaw Pact, the CSTO were presented. Different forms of internal and external threats to the national security of a country are also presented.

After the webinar, Zivotic was happy to answer participants' questions for 30 minutes, which were from all domains of security, not just the topic of the webinar.

After the really good reactions of the members, the IPO Headquarters decided to organize such a lecture for the members once a month.

It was also decided to give all interested members the opportunity to organize a similar webinar after consultation with the IPO Executive President Dr. Tomori Mareglen and the IPO founder Ilija Zivotic PhD and that members who successfully conduct the webinar receive a free annual membership fee.

This type of member promotion will be active throughout 2021.

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