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In Italy, what happens in the crime world during Coronavirus?

From the data we have, we see that criminals also stay at home. In fact, in March, crimes decreased by 64% (source:

In particular, the most significant decrease - according to the report on crime in Italy prepared by the Central Directorate of Criminal Police of the Department of Public Security - concerns some crimes such as the exploitation of prostitution (-77%), sexual violence (-69%) general thefts (-67.4%), home thefts (-72.5%), deft thefts (-75.8%), robberies in post offices (-73.7%) and a less significant decrease in other crimes such as robberies (-54, 4%) and those relating to drugs (-46%).

It should also be noted that in the period in question, compared with the same period of the previous year, mistreatment in the family recorded a lower decrease compared to other crimes (-43.6%). Thefts and robberies in pharmacies also show a lower decrease compared to other predatory crimes (-13.8% and -24.6%).

A particular attention to the analysis to be done regarding are the mistreatment in the family that have recorded a decrease, (- 43.6%) but the fear is that there are only fewer complaints.

With regard to this fear, I would like to remind you that the Southern Anti-violence Centers have enhanced their listening and intervention activities. The national number 1522 is active throughout Italy and they have activated the #NonTiLasciamoSola campaign. The exit to go shopping, to go to the pharmacy or to throw the garbage, recalls the campaign, can be the right opportunity to ask for help. In addition to the free national number 1522 always active and reachable from all over Italy, you can directly call the associations and anti-violence centers in your area, which can also be reached via SMS or WhatsApp.

Finally, other decreasing crimes are those relating to drugs (-46%) even if drug dealers are adapting the methods of delivery of drugs to customers or at home or with meetings in front of supermarkets or in front of the few shops that are open. From these data we can say that the crime during the #restaacasa coronavirus

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