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Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Today, 21 November at the proceedings of the 8th International Scientific Conference on Community Safety and Protection in Cases of Natural Disasters and Civil Emergencies organized by the Security Academy of the Ministry of the Interior of Albania where the IPO Executive President Dr. Tomori Mareglen together with the colleagues Ms. Josiba Osmani and Ms. Valbona Gjoka presented a scientific paper with thematic "Security in the Community and Security Officers in Schools as part of Civil Protection".

In addition to the topic presented by Ms. Osmani and Ms. Gjoka on Security Officers in schools as part of the civil defense system, the topic of Dr. Tomori was dedicated to the work of our organization by including the IPO in an important aspect with the theme "International Police Organization IPO" as part of the international training structure.

In fulfillment of the obligations arising from the Law on Civil Emergencies (Article 8.5) the Ministry of Interior of Albania has drafted and is implements the National Training Program for Civil Emergencies, consisting of eight training manuals, in line with national and international standards and guidelines, has carried out a number of other activities training, as well as conferences at the national or local level. Albania as a candidate country for membership in the EU needs to adopt new training techniques.

The International Police Organization IPO is a multinational professional non-governmental and non-profit organization that through education and scientific work aims to create theoretical and practical tools to serve as a bridge between the community and law enforcement by bringing together professional civilian and security structures to contribute together for a safer community and a safer tomorrow.

The purpose of the International Police Organization is to develop and manage a range of programs designed to identify, provide, analyze and evaluate data on risks e possible for life, material goods, and the environment in general, as well as the permanent data information provision on the emergency likelihood of risks and possible criminal activities.

Prevention as the first phase of the security cycle focuses on the study, research, and identification of crime and perpetrators, creating a safe community environment coordinating activities with state institutions, and relevant national and international law enforcement bodies, organizations, and with citizens, in particular, as well as the addition of evidence for the prevention of criminal offenses through professional development and empowerment, modernization, intensive cooperation, and commitment, mainly with the community and other partners.

IPO realized this during the month of August by training a part of the Security Officers in the schools. IPO offer to them advice and guidance because they must regularly carry out emergency drills in their communities and possess knowledge, equipment, and training material. Preparation of a system for directing and arranging local activities for

risk reduction during disasters (team formation policies) According to the ICS model (System for incident command), a standardized system for natural disaster management.

The topic of this conference, which brought together experts in the field on the design of improved models of early warning and prevention of harmful and catastrophic phenomena, is an important and current issue not only in Albania and the region but also in Europe and beyond.

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