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Updated: Jul 16, 2022

IPO Section Italy & IPO Section Romania meeting at the premises of IPO Headquarters under the direction of IPO Executive President Dr. Tomori Mareglen in Milan, to discuss the organization of joint activities in the field of cyber security.

Today there was a discussion on the implementation and development of joint training courses and webinars for both sections, where October 15 was set for the development of a course in Milan available to members of the IPO & IPA Milano 3.0.

The President of IPA Milano 3.0 Mr. Attilio Di Nunzio with the Leader of the IPO Section Romania Mr. Stefan .E will carry out this high-level course in Milan.

"Information and details will be provided soon on our official website".

Also at this meeting, to the IPO Section Italy, was added another high-ranking expert, Mr. Luca Paccariè officially joined the big IPO family who has prepared courses and webinars for our members which will be held in the future.

The large team of IPO is growing every day with experts from all fields who are offering the best possible for our members all over the world.

We contribute together for a safer community, for a safe tomorrow.

IPO News Room 09/10/22

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