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IPO Italy Women self-defense class

A weekend full of emotion, passion and professionalism. Saturday 16 November Together with Maestro Alfonso Torregrossa and other martial arts technicians with the support of Maestro Andrea Bonfatti, we held the seminar for the presentation of the Self Defense "Women Self Defense"

Course at the headquarters of the Italian JuJutsu GoJuI Association AIJJGJ .

At the end of the event certificates of participation were issued to all participants, as well as a certificate of appreciation for the Technical Director of the Association AIJJGJ Maestro Andrea Bonfatti who welcomed and supported the seminar with great care and professionalism.

After, on Sunday 17 November, the Master Alfonso Torregrossa was awarded the certification directly by the IPO Section Leader Italy the Criminologist Dr Mareglen Tomori who, after completing his studies of the Advanced Professional Course in Investigative and Forensic Criminology organized by IPO Italy, delivered him the professional title of Expert Consultant in Forensic and Investigative Criminology Sciences, recognized by the National Professional Register.

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