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Updated: Sep 11, 2022

A few days ago, in the continuation of the program of the IPO Headquarters for the development of the IPO Section Albania, IPO Executive President Dr. Tomori Mareglen held a meeting with the school security officers who joined our IPO family.

In this meeting attended other important personalities who have been working for years in the ranks of the state police as well as in other auxiliary departments.

The meeting was led by Dr. Tomori and Mr. Gentian Mullai, head of the Albanian State Police for public communication, who for many times has been maximally committed to supporting the work of officers in schools for the best performance of their duties as well as efficient cooperation with law enforcement structures.

Over 45 security officers who joined IPO received their membership card and certificate, 28 of them were present and participated in the workshop where they also received certificates for the new IPO course that they successfully completed - the prevention school program "You are safe with me", which was handed over to them for teaching and training earlier.

The professional training course which was created by Dr. Tomori Mareglen and Mrs. Sanela Nikolic, Police Officer, General Director of Coordination of IPO HQ and IPO LED- Law Enforcement Department, is part of the new project of the IPO which will be developed by the Education and Crime Prevention Department of the IPO and will be used in all IPO sections under the supervision of IPO LED-law Enforcement Department.

This training course is a guide to the biggest problems facing children in schools, peer violence, initial drugs, cyberbullying, gender equality among children, juvenile delinquency, the role of police and school safety officers, and the program preventive measures to help our children feel safe in schools.

Since the main purpose of the IPO is education, but also the creation of a bridge between law enforcement and citizens, this project is the best example which will include training for police and security officers in schools, major institutions, but also familiarizing ordinary citizens in professional ways with the main problems of children and how to prevent and help them, since the school should be a safe place where children learn, not a place where violence reigns.

The second project presented at this meeting is "Safety on the road" which is already presented and published on the official website of Interreg Europe, as well as the "Prevention school program".

The project does not only refer to the basis of traffic rules, but also to teaching school children about traffic rules, as well as to young people's driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs since traffic safety is very important and part of every day in the lives of all of us, whether you are a driver or just a pedestrian.

This project was prepared by Dr. Tomori together with Mrs. Nikolic and in this meeting, he was introduced together with Mr. Gentian Mullai who will be an integral part of the development of this project together with other experts from the police and civil fields who have contributed to road traffic for many years, but the other two most important elements are Mr. Koco Simaku, retired Police Officer, specialized with many years of work in road traffic and Mr. Demir Osmani, an expert in road traffic, author of many books for driving schools and education on road traffic where all together will contribute to the realization of this project that will be presented and realized soon in Albania by the IPO in cooperation with the relevant state bodies under the supervision of the IPO LED-law Enforcement Department.

Mr. Demir Osmani also donated to IPO for this project 300 educational textbooks on road traffic which will become a formative part of this project.

At the end of this meeting, the workshop discussed various experiences and problems in general security, but above all that of school security, as well as the close cooperation between school security officers and law enforcement.

In order to provide as much assistance as possible directly to the school security officers, the IPO engaged the security officer Mrs. Josiba Osmani and appointed her as Coordinator of IPO Section Albania for school security officers. Mrs. Osmani was thanked for the work done during this time for the development of the IPO in Albania and was rewarded with a certificate of recognition.

Certificates of recognition for the commitment and contribution given to the IPO were also given to Mr. Mullai, Mr. Simaku, and Mr. Osmani.

IPO activities in Albania will continue in the coming days, where it is expected that there will be other important meetings with structures that play a key role in the safety of the community and the protection of the lives of children and citizens as a whole.

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