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Updated: Oct 27, 2022

On October 21, IPO Section Montenegro together with the Communal Police of the city of Andrijevica, the Cultural Center "Mihailo Lalić" held a lecture on the harmfulness of organized criminal groups for society as well as the dangers that drugs pose to the youngest.

The lecture was attended by students and professors of several schools as well as numerous interested parties. citizens. This lecture was really well received by citizens because they had the opportunity to learn from renowned lecturers how criminal groups recruit teenagers into their ranks, but also what drugs exist and how they affect the growth and development of the youngest residents.

A special part of the lecture is dedicated to the growth of peer violence as a consequence of the activities of criminal groups and the sale and addiction of drugs.

The lecturers in the packed hall were the President of IPO Montenegro Ivan Pekic, who is also a Master of Security, the Secretary General Momčilo Šćekić, former police officer, journalist Svetlana Djokić, Marija Šćekić, psychologist and criminology student Adelisa Huremovic.

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