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At  December 6th, IPO members were participants of the International Conference Critical Infrastructure Protection Defense Industry. The excellent organization from respected Professor Hatidge Berisha from the Ministry of Defense discussion elaborated on the three panels simultaneously. The role in discussion took representatives of the Serbian Armed Forces, Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Government of the Republic of Serbia, representatives of Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The vision of problems in the protection of all levels of production capacity of factories that produce equipment and weapons for a variety of security services given by the manufacturers themselves. This was an opportunity to exchange opinions and members of various professional associations and NGO dealing with security issues. To our great satisfaction at this extraordinary conference, we met our friends from IBSSA Anti-human Trafficking Bureau Serbia, Trade Union of Security Sector, Center for Security DBA and many more. Once again we thanks Professor Hatidge Berisha from the Ministry of Defense for the invitation to participate at this most important security conference in 2018.

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