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IPO Serbia members had the opportunity to learn the basics of fire protection today.

The lecturer was our member Dejan Pavlović.

Mr. Pavlović is an authorized instructor for fire protection in front of the Sector for Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, and as such he is engaged on a daily basis as an expert in the subject.

Today's lecture was theoretical and will represent one part of the education, while the practical part awaits us in 30 days. Then, the participants of the course will have the opportunity to participate in extinguishing the fire with real firefighters in controlled conditions on a special training ground.

In this way, the members of IPO Serbia will obtain an official certificate, which is mandatory for all employees in public institutions from 2022.

With this education, IPO Serbia strives to raise the awareness of citizens about the dangers of fire, but also to give its members the opportunity to be sufficiently educated and socially responsible if they find themselves at the scene of a fire.

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