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IPO Section Slovenia formalization

Yesterday, May 15, 2021, took place the official ceremony of IPO Section Slovenia

sited in Ljubljana.

The IPO Executive President Dr. Tomori Mareglen handed over personally the

official documentation to the President of IPO Section Slovenia Mr. Daniel Prastalo

and the 2 main members of the board, to the Vice President, Dr. Jurij Toplak,

and to the Security Expert Mr. Eldin Fazlic, who has given their continuous

contribution to the creation and development of this section according to the

guidelines of the IPO Headquarters.

The Slovenian Section has started the activity for the formalization of the Section since November last year. Currently, the leading staff of IPO Section Slovenia consists of selected and qualified people in the field of Security, Law Enforcement,

Education, media and information technology.

The section has the necessary resources and tools to develop activities, programs, and projects that favor state institutions, law enforcement, and the community.

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