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Updated: Sep 28, 2022

On September 23, IPO HQ Executive President Dr. Tomori Mareglen and the IPO HQ General Director Mrs. Sanela Nikolic held a meeting with the staff of the IPO

Section Slovenia, led by Mr. Daniel Prastalo, where was discussed some of the main points of the development of the IPO work at the international level, the activities of the IPO Section Slovenia in the future, as well as the new management structure which will be implemented by all sections.

The next day, September 24, was reserved for the activity that the Slovenian Section

organized with the topic "Shooting Challenge 2022".

We are proud of the great response from other Leaders as well as members from several

sections of the IPO from different countries who come to participate in this professional

activity, showing that we are a big family that is prepared for cooperation and development common of our organization through various activities such as education, training, and projects so that we can follow each other with the same goal.

IPO Slovenia "Shooting Challenge 2022" had 3 parts of the event.

First was the course "Stop the bleed" in which our participants learned how to stop bleeding in an emergency, as well as check their knowledge under the supervision of the course instructor.

The second part was "First aid and defibrillator" where the instructor introduced our members to this topic, how to give first aid, and also what are the mistakes of people who panic, and fight for life in critical situations.

After these two courses, all participants received a certificate.

The third part was the shooting competition.

Before the participants went out to the shooting range, they had a short lecture on the range safety and the use of weapons which was most important considering that the use of weapons has fair rules for the safety of all those in the range polygon.

The shooting instructors looked after each participant, whether they had previous shooting experience or not.

At the end of this activity, the Executive President of the IPO HQ Dr. Tomori thanked everyone who participated in this event and wishes the members the best results.

The General Director of the IPO Headquarters, Mrs. Sanela Nikolic announced the first three places in each type of competition, where the most rewards were won by members of IPO Section Romania, after that Slovenia and Croatia. She congratulated the winners by presenting prizes for each country separately and thanked the IPO Section Slovenia for the good organizing, dedication, and successful gathering of all sections in one place, where our members were prepared to support each other and through education, work, and friendship at the same time reached the place where success is inevitable.

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