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Meeting of International Management Team of IPO

As it is already known, the International Police Organization IPO has registered its International Central Office "IPO Headquarters" in Milan, Italy.

Since January this year, by agreement of the IPO sections of Serbia, Italy, Montenegro, Bulgaria, and France we established the High Executive Council HEC of IPO.

The founder President of IPO Italy, Dr. Tomori Mareglen was elected as the International Executive President CEO, who thus became our main field operative.

The founder President of IPO Serbia Assistant Professor Dr. Ilija Zivotic remained the first Founder and Honorary President, while the presidents of other sections, founders of the HEC of International Police Organization IPO received adequate duties as they formally bear the name of a registered legal entity in their countries,

Dr. Tomori has taken great responsibilities, and one of them is to visit all sections twice a year so that we can adequately coordinate our activities.

This weekend, he was in Belgrade, where he has held meetings with the President of IPO Serbia, and our truly irreplaceable Sanela Nikolić, and where are made certain plans that we will implement by the New Year. As part of that, we expect the production of several more types of souvenirs, new membership badges that will not in any way endanger the visual identity of the badge of the Ministry of the Interior of Serbia, of the other states, of the law enforcement agencies and much more.

Sanela Nikolić also received a special thank you for her contribution to the implementation of the IPO program for society as a whole. The commitment that she showed through numerous educations, but also the work on controlling the activity of all sections, could not go unnoticed, so this thank you note got into the right hands.

On this occasion, we established a uniform appearance of rolls for all sections with the use of national flags as well as the images that will be used in the profiles of the websites and social networks of each section.

A large IPO conference is planned for next spring, which will bring together most leaders from around the world, of course in Belgrade in honor of the first IPO founder, and which will be accompanied by adequate lectures for members and training for section leaders

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