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Military vehicle from Republika Srpska

If someone missed it, at the celebration of The Republic of Srpska, Technical Institute Bratunac presented the prototype of the multipurpose, multifunctional off-road vehicle "Despot".

"Despot" with its 4x4 drive belongs to the category of modern armored vehicles designed to perform a very wide range of missions from the domain and scope of the police and armed forces units.

The basic concept of a vehicle is based on a multipurpose chassis made up of modern drives and power transmission, and an independent suspension system that allows high mobility in all terrain and weather conditions.

The vehicle can be used for patrol and reconnaissance missions, as a command vehicle, then for the transportation and support of special operations units, counter-guerrilla and anti-terrorist combat, anti-coup, border control, territory control, observation, as a medical vehicle and more. The volume of the passenger compartment is 12 meters cubic, and is designed for a crew of three to six members with the option of additional options for the seating arrangement. The room is air-conditioned with a two-way automatic air conditioning.

Basic characteristics of the vehicle according to the manufacturer's specification:

Length 6.05 meters Width 2.56 meters Wheelbase 3.50 meters Clearing 0.48 meters Maximum weight 14 tons Crew 3 + 6

Maximum speed is 120 km / h Engine Mercedes-Benz OM 926 LA Engine displacement 7.2 liters Power 322 HP Gearbox ALLISON 3000SP- automatic transmission, speed: 6 + 1 The fuel tank is 2x200 liters

Ballistic protection level 2 according to STANAG 4569, optional level 3 explosion protection level 2a and 2b

Overlapping of the slope of 50 percent, the lateral inclination 30 percent, the approach angle 40 degrees and the outgoing angle 43 degrees.

My observations:

For a vehicle that has been developed from idea to realization in less than two years, the first impressions are really great.

In my opinion, it's Mercedes chassis, which is some sort of compromise between zetros and unimog.

It is evident that the first copy paid a little more attention to aesthetics than functionality, but I'm sure this will be changed in serial production


It is necessary to add in the front part a construction that would be effective for breaking solid barriers.

It is necessary to add more light groups in the front, predominantly in the highest areas of the vehicle.

Side windows are without any reason other than assuming aesthetics in the form of a triangle and need to be replaced by a rectangle.

The rear door in the form of a ramp should be replaced by a classic, because the existing one do not have a usable value.

The overall vehicle gives an excellent first impression and the pandan is SDPR Miloš. I guess the price will be competitive and I expect the success of this product on both the domestic and foreign markets.

Author: Ljubiša Milenković

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