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Signed agreement between IPO Montenegro and Police Union Montenegro

Today, an agreement on co-operation between the international police organisation of Montenegro and the Union of the Police Directorate of Montenegro is signed in the premises of the Police Directorate in Podgorica.

The agreement was signed by the Presidents of the two organizations, president of SUP-MONTENEGRO Mladen Suskavcevic and President IPO CG Zarko Jankovic.

This agreement on co-operation with the CG is just another proof of our work and advocacy for peace and security of Montenegro through our various forums and educating citizens.

Our agreement is based on the sincere and social cooperation, non-political professional cooperation, mutual cooperation and support, mutual, respect and compliance. Important, national and religious affiliations, as with joint activities, on the plan of protection of members, our organizations.

In his personal name and behalf of the IPO CG, I thank the President of the SUPCG on the trust and signed cooperation.

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