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Lately, we have often witnessed more and more disappearances of teenagers.

Some of them were quickly found and returned home, while we also had tragic outcomes that very often ended in suicide.

What is it that makes a teenager run away from home?

What are the reasons for such behavior?

Marija Sutulovic, a clinical psychologist and advisor to the IPO Founder President for the prevention of domestic and peer violence, spoke about this for the National Daily RTV Pink yesterday. The reason for this interview was the disappearance of a 16-year-old teenager in Bor on January 10, who, as her father told the media, ran away from home in the early morning hours. The next day, with the help of the police, she was found with a friend, about 100 km from Bor.

When reporting the disappearance, the father stated what he suspected and also said that he was a strict father, but that that should not be the reason, as well as that there were no quarrels between them.

As possible reasons for running away from the house of teenagers, Marija Šutulović mentioned, above all, the possibility of bad family relations. Also, poor communication between children and parents and mutual misunderstandings can be reasons for teenagers to decide to take such steps.

There are also love problems, problems at school, problems with peers, possible use of psychoactive substances or some committed crime. Criticism of parents and prohibitions of children are often seen as denial of their rights, and they react rebelliously to such moves of parents, not realizing that this is only a small part of what parents can do for their children to protect them, says Marija Sutulovic.

As advice to parents, Marija emphasizes above all the relationship of understanding and trust between children and parents, and that it is necessary for parents to dedicate more time to children, as well as to pay attention to changes in their behavior that may be a sign that something is happening to their children.

You can see the video on the link below on the YouTube channel.

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