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The Day When Everyone Heard for Mossad

On this day is written history of modern security services. At May 11th 1960 the whole world had heard of the Mossad, Israel's security service. One of the most famous Nazi officer Adolf Otto Eichmann who escaped from the American detention camp for prisoners, lived briefly in Austria and then with the help of the Catholic Church with false documents issued by the Red Cross fled to Argentina.

Rafi Eitan, Director of Mossad Operations 1950-1981

According to data published after declassifying 2006 by the CIA ,it shows that the German secret service knew where he was a few years before his arrest. However this information is not shared with anyone, fearing that if he was arrested, Eichmann does not detect connection between the then leadership of the German and Nazis. He was discovered thanks to public statements against Jews by his son who lived with him. Such appearances are lit for about Simon Wiesenthal associates who informed the Mossad.

Adolf Eichmann

On  May 23 1960 Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion announced in the Knesset that Eichmann had been captured. The world was in shock. Israel state was very young, established 15 years ago and done such a thing.  No one of the Nazis will be safe in his hideout. Eichmann was discovered, arrested and secretly transferred to Israel from another continent. After this event, the Mossad has become world famous and recognized as one of the most serious security services in the world.

Adolf Eichmann

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