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We remember: Terrorist attack at Russian School

Today, we remember with sadness in our hearts the year 2004 when Chechen terrorists, 33 of them, took over a school in Russia in the city of Beslan.

At the very moment of the attack, there was a celebration at the school on the occasion of the beginning of the school year. More than 1,300 children and adults were present.

Of the 33 terrorists, more were suicide bombers. Several terrorists also brought in tens of kilograms of explosives with which they mined the roof and all entrances.

Before capturing the building, terrorists killed several children and adults in the yard. After two days of negotiations, several suicide bombers lost their temper and set off to detonate their explosive belts.

Members of the Russian security forces immediately stormed the building, and unfortunately, a massacre took place, which took the lives of 344 civilians, of which 186 children and 11 police officers. Only one terrorist survived.

This unprecedented terrorist attack will forever change Russia's strategy towards all potential terrorist groups.

They started with complex training for hostage situations in urban areas, but also with preventive liquidations of terrorists. That is why today Russia can boast of a big difference between prevented and carried out attacks on its territory.

The lost children's lives in Beslan confirm the meaninglessness of using terrorism to achieve political goals and justify every kind of force to prevent it.

IPO News Room 03/09/2021

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