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Not long time ago, under the IPO Education and Crime Prevention Department, was created the Drug Prevention and Psychological Support Unit "IPO-DPPSU" and, started intensive work with webinars for which our members are very interested, considering the fact that drugs are very big world problem.

All our members know, that our cooperation with the Vienna NGO Committee on Drugs is very important, as IPO is their member since 2019.

Yesterday, July 5, VNGOC held a webinar " World Drug report 2022" in which, besides our Executive Board, attended many of our members which were very grateful to our organization that gave them the opportunity to attend the webinar at such a high level.

On this webinar UNODC experts presented the World Drug Report 2022, giving an overview of the latest developments and diving into the most up-to-date global data and also civil society representatives explained how they use the World Drug Report in their everyday work.

The World Drug Report 2022 is aimed not only at fostering greater international cooperation to counter the impact of the world drug problem on health, governance, and security but also, with its special insights, at assisting Member States in anticipating and addressing threats from drug markets and mitigating their consequences.

World Drug Report 2022 consisted with five separate booklets, which provided an analysis of global drug markets and examines the nexus between drugs and the environment within the bigger picture of the Sustainable Development Goals, climate change and environmental sustainability.

Booklet started with the latest estimates of the number of people who use drugs, the distribution of those users by type of drugs, age and sex, and recent trends in the use of drugs.

The webinar was continued with analysis of the relationship between illicit drug economies and situations of conflict and weak rule of law, analysis of the global supply of and trafficking trends in cannabis resin, as well as cannabis legalization on public health, public safety, market dynamics and criminal justice responses in the jurisdictions in North America that have legalized the non-medical use of cannabis.

Also didn't missed other type of drugs , cocaine, amphetamines and “ecstasy” , global market for cocaine, as well as of the role of women in the cocaine supply chain.

Again we proved that our organization is going in the right direction, cooperating with partners on high level , which give our members the possibility for excellent education.

We thanks our members for participating in the activity of our partners, and we are continuing to growing, not alone, but together with our partners and members, that is our goal, to contribute together for a safer community.

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