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Antonio Micaletto
Section ID:

CH-001 (01-620)

High Officer L3 / Chief Instructor 
Expiry date: 08.2025

Security Officer

President /Leader IPO Section Switzerland & IPO Headquarters Counselor

for Security and Development

IPO International Headquarters


E-mail: police.ipo.swiss@gmail.com



Knight Byzantine Order Holy Sepulcher of Malta.

International Security Officer specialized in the Private Security Services and management.

Team Leader Security Group-bodyguard,

security, and escort teams,

Instructor, Tactical combat & weapon sharpshooter,

-paratrooper with 127 jumps
-Polish sharpshooter
-Thai sharpshooter
-Austrian Para sniper
-European sharpshooter
-Italian paratrooper
-Polish paratroopers
-Paratroopers USA
-Thai paratroopers
-Filipino paratroopers
-Czech paratroopers
-Shooting and safety  instructor

CCIO General Country Coordinator Switzerland

UN ANC contact person in Geneva
Foreign contact person ANC CC PAR
EPA European Paratroopers
CISOM member
ANC UN Geneva advisor, 

contact person for CC Paratroopers,

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