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Mrs. Sanela Nikolić BSc
High Officer L3 / Chief Instructor
IPO ID: HQ - 007
Expiry date: 12.2027

Police Officer / Crime Analyst  
Expert in Forensic Sciences,

Investigative Criminology & Intelligence

General Director of IPO Headquarters &

IPO LED Law Enforcement Department

Ass. President IPO Section Serbia


IPO Headquarters





Police Officer / Inspector of the  Ministry of Interior of Serbia MUP. Currently serving in the Operations Center Belgrade Police Department. 

Crime Analyst specialized in the field of Investigatigation and crime prevention,

Forensic Sciences, Intelligence, Criminal Profiling, Investigative Criminology, Crime Analysis, 

Public and Private Security.



Police Officer / Inspector of the

Ministry of Interior of Serbia MUP.


Expert Consultant in Forensic Sciences, Investigative Criminology, and Intelligence.

Specialized in cases of bullying, cyberbullying, cyberpedophilia, child abuse, violence against women and domestic violence.


Specialized in prevention and education of the use of narcotic substances, rehabilitation, and integration in society of people addicted to drug use

Registered in the:

International Association of Crime Analysts IACA, U.S.A: Reg. Nr: 9394 - 2021

Professional Register of A.N.E.S.P.P National Association of Public and Private Security Experts

Rome Italy, Reg. Nr. 00436/2021, Category: Crime Analyst


Professional Register of Forensics Group, Italy: CCEF Reg. Nr.037 – 2020, specialty:

Forensic Sciences - Crime Analyst

Counter Crime Intelligence Organization CCIO , Milan, Italy

Attended several professional training and refresher courses on

Criminal Profiling, Inspection and Crime Scene Technician,

Criminology, Criminal Psychology and Psychopathology, Forensics Intelligence,

Juvenile Criminology, Bullying, Cyberbullying and Sexting etc.

Achieved academic studies in study program law, with academic title

- law graduate Faculty of Business and Law in Belgrade in date 16.03.2021.

Achieved law high school in Belgrade and police school.
Starting to work as a police officer for MUP Serbia in the year 2003.

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