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Stevan Djokic

High Officer L 3
IPO ID: HQ - H 009
Expiry date: Unlimited

Security and Intelligence Expert

Honorary Member


IPO International Headquarters



A former policeman who moved to the private sector

in 2002.


A former policeman who moved to the private sector in 2002. Since then, for many years, He has been professionally engaged in the private detective's crew and in security consulting. One of the rare Serbs who passed basic profiling training in British MI5. He was one of the secretaries of the Worlds Detectives Association, but with the outbreak of armed conflict in Libya, due to public support to Colonel Gaddafi, he was expelled from Association. Shortly thereafter, he became a member of the Russian Detective Association.

He was the director of the Security Intelligence Agency DBA, who has been awarded several times by state and private institutions in Serbia and abroad, and now he is director of the Counter-Intelligence Agency DBA.

He organized and worked on tribunes and seminars dealing with sect and drug issues in Serbia. The initiator and participant in numerous humanitarian actions.

Stevan received his Ph.D. on AUGP on "International Peace and Security".

Together with Saša Vujko and Slobodan Jovanović in 2015, he held training for one generation of IBSSA licensed bodyguards.

He is the expert in the field of drug addiction and sects.

Stevan is a member of the Criminalistic Profiler Association. He is an honorary member of the Independent Police Union. Advisor of the president of the Police and Police Elders Union, and also, he is a advisor in the Union of the United Police Collective.

Founder and President of the Center for Security, Investigation and Defense DBA, with whom he wants to work on improving the safety of children, but also all other aspects of security, primarily through education and prevention, through tribunes, seminars, trainings, educational games and workshops.

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