Online Training Course
Criminal Psychology & Forensics Technologies

Short online course on Criminal Psychology and Forensic Technology.
In this course, you will learn about Psychology, Psychiatry and Forensic Psychopathology.
Criminal Psychology, Criminal Profiling, the psychology and pathology of a serial killer.
An integral and very important part of this course is Forensics Technology where you will learn about
the technological Forensics system, Computer crimes, Computer Forensics Cyber -Investigation.

Module 1


 Psychology, Psychiatry and Forensic Psychopathology
 Forensic Psychology and Psychopathology
 Investigative Psychology
 Criminal Profiling
 The foundamental elements of profiling
(douglas,burgess a.w., burgess a.g., ressler, 2006)
 Anglo-saxon approach: Investigative Psychology
 Psychological Autopsy
 Pathologies of the Serial Killer

Module 2

Computer Forensics:
Computer technology to support judical investigations

 Computer Crimes
 Computer Forensics
 Investigation Stages
 Main stages of the processing of the computer data
 When was Forensic Information Technology born?
 The digital proof
 Digital proof acquisition
 Legal issues
 Digital demonstration text
 The Syber-Investigator
 The investigative structures in Italy
 Crimes involving ICT


 Computer Forensics- The Cyber-Investigator
 Forensic Psychology and Criminology- Forensics Sciences

Online Training Course
Criminal Psychology & Forensics Tecologies

Directed by:

Dr. Tomori Mareglen
Expert Consultant in Forensic Sciences,
Investigative Criminology & Intelligence

Secretary General of Counter Crime Intelligence Organization CCIO
Section Leader Italy & General Director of Coordination
International Police Organization IPO

Introduced by:

Mr. Ilija Zivotiv MSc
Expert of Security, Investigation & Intelligence
Counter Terrorism Expert Manager

President Chief Officer of International Police Organization IPO
Section Leader Serbia & Advisory Board Director
of Counter Crime Intelligence Organization CCIO


Dr. Ilaria Cabula
Forensics Psychologist

High Officer L1 International Police Organization IPO
Advisory Board Councelor of Counter Crime Intelligence Organization CCIO

Certified Course in collaboration with: International Police Organization IPO,
Counter Crime Intelligence Organization CCIO, International Prevention Center CSI and,
Promoted by: International Training Center ITC

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The Online Short Course "Criminal Psychology and Forensic Technology"

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