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Ilija Zivotic MSc


In 2000 he graduated from the current Criminal Police Academy.

In 2014 he graduated from the Faculty of Business Management.

2017 Graduated from two-year Master Studies in Terrorism organized crime and security.

Participant of a large number of expert meetings.

He published three scientific papers in renowned professional magazines.

The media transmitted several tens of his analyzes (https://www.kurir.rs/tag/443251/ilija-zivotic).

He is active in several security organizations:

Section Head 5 Antiterrorism at the Security, Investigation, and Defense Center dba. (http://www.centarzabezbednost.org/ilija-zivotic/).

Officer in the Auxiliar Police Federation (http://www.auxpolice.com/MM/673P415U.jpg)

Inspector in Association Against Organized Crime and Drug Counseling (http://www.prevenirecriminalitate.ro/)

He is currently writing a book on terrorism in the Balkans.