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Annual Self Defense course for Women

This weekend IPO section Norway conducted their annual Self Defense course for Women, this is a course we have had for a few years and it’s always popular and always full, did i mention that it's a free for all females course?

This year has been an exceptional year as both covid-19 attended our presence and our new training centre is being built, and as for the past years our courses have been more and more called for as we see and hear about assaults towards women, and there has been more demand for courses like we have throughout the Country.

The course we had is one of five full classes we are arranging this semester and there will surely be more, the fact that Covid-19 has closed all pubs and bars is unfortunately increasing the need for Social/sexual encounters among people, and as stated above, people are attending private parties with little to none control over who is attending and who they really are, and since the nightlife has closed down and people are opening to outsiders, and by that I mean friends of friends of friends who know a person who wants to party, things that should not happen, happens!

So stop that, only bring friends you know, get consent, easy right? No, not always!

So how can we fight this if the above is not possible, or even if they already have done such but they are still following you? We address that by teaching them to defend themselves, fight back.

Our course is an day's work and has tree modules:

1 Module: Statistics and facts about rape, sexual assaults and violence.

2 Module: Defense tactics.

3 Module: Psychological mindset of the attacker, what to look for and how to de-escalate and prevent attacks.

Our goal is to make them more confident, psychologically strong and to be able to resist and fight back an eventual attacker, and finally to be honest with them about the world we are living in, and we pray to god that they won't ever need it.

In Norway we are lucky to have good Law Enforcement and public/private security who has a main goal of keeping its citizens safe from harm and danger, and to prevent such we have an amazing intelligence agency, but that is not always enough, so we teach them to take care of themselves and their friends, and we do such with instructors who have been in the game for a decade and can teach them the skills they need to survive if they are ever in such a situation, and we hope that more people are aware, raising their heads and teaching others to protect themselves, and we hope that the tactics we teach will help others. We hope you have enjoyed this little article and remember; to be safe is a human right, and it's everyone's responsibility.

I would like to thank you for reading this, and remember to stay safe.

Best regards:

Daniel Dyngen | IPO - Section Norway | Contact: | +4797579714

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