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The Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime, in cooperation with the Albanian Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Public Administration and Anticorruption, organized a high-level international conference in Tirana on March 4-5.

This conference brought together Ministers of Justice from the Western Balkans 6, the Minister of Interior of Albania, Directors of Anti-Corruption Agencies, distinguished representatives of Police and Prosecution institutions, as well as high-level representatives from several other institutions, Embassies, Academies, CSOs, and regional organizations and international such as SELEC, UNODC, RAI, EUROJUST and EUROPOL in order to build bridges between sectors to discuss issues of great interest to all, specifically, corruption, and the integrity and independence of criminal justice institutions.

On numerous occasions, commitments are made to prevent and fight corruption in all its forms and manifestations and to enhance regional and international cooperation. Nevertheless, sometimes challenges are faced in the implementation of these commitments.

It is therefore beneficial to learn from each other through an exchange of experiences, views, and novel ideas regarding strategic, systematic, and consistent prevention of corruption and enforcement of anti-corruption instruments to achieve transparent, accountable, and responsible use and management of public resources for the benefit of all. It is also vital to understand and break the links between organized crime and corruption.

IPO, as a professional and educational organization accredited by the United Nations, has made its continuous contribution to the commissions set up by UNODC on transnational organized crime and more widely, so also at this high-level conference was present and was represented by the Executive President Dr. Mareglen Tomori, who on both days followed the proceedings of the conference and held a series of meetings with those present, such as Ministers, Diplomatic Representatives, Representatives of Academic Institutions, Civil Society Organizations, etc.

The continuous invitations for the engagement of IPO in such events make us understand and be more convinced that we are on the right path for the development of our objectives.

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