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European Union security policy

We live in times of existential crisis - inside and outside the European Union.

Our Union is at stake. Our the european project, which has brought unprecedented peace, prosperity and democracy, is called into question. On the European security order has been disrupted in the east, while North Africa and the Middle East, as well as Europe itself is plagued by terrorism and violence. Economic growth still in some parts of Africa

demographic change, security tensions are rising in Asia and climate change is causing further problems. At the same time, however, we live in times of extraordinary occasion. Global growth, mobility and technological progress together with deepening partnerships allow us to prosper and more and more people it is possible to break out of poverty and live a longer and freer life.

On the way to this challenging, we let our common interests guide us to a more interconnected, questioned and complex world,principles and priorities.

Based on the values ​​enshrined in the treaties and on our many strengths sites and historical achievements, we will be united in building a stronger Union that will play a collective role in the world. Our interests and values ​​go hand in hand.

We are interested in promoting our values ​​in the world.

At the same time, our core values ​​are deeply rooted in our needs.

Peace and security, prosperity,democracy and a rules-based global order are vital interests on which they stand our external security

Peace and security

The European Union will promote peace and guarantee the security of its citizens. This means that

Europeans, in cooperation with partners, must have sufficient capacity to defend themselves and to fulfill their commitments mutual assistance and solidarity enshrined in the Treaties. Internal and external security are increasing interconnected: our homeland security clearly includes an interest in peace in neighboring and nearby regions. It implies a broader interest in conflict prevention, the promotion of human security, and solutions

the root causes of instability and the pursuit of a safer world.


The EU will strengthen the resilience of its democracies and be guided by the values ​​that inspired its creation and development. These include respect for and promotion of human rights, fundamental freedoms and the rule of law.

They include justice, solidarity, equality, non-discrimination, pluralism and respect for diversity. Consistent adherence to our values ​​within will be critical to our credibility and external influence. In order to guarantee the quality of our democracies, we will respect national,European and international law in all areas.

The EU will promote a rules - based global order, the main one of which the principle is multilateralism and the core of the United Nations. Like a union of small to medium countries, we have a common European interest in speaking out against the world. Together we can enforce agreed rules to suppress force policies and contribute to peace, justice and justice prosperity in the world. The nuclear agreement with Iran is a clear example of this. Multilateral arrangement based on international law, including the principles of the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights the only guarantee of peace and security at home and abroad.

A rules-based global order opens up the full potential of a prosperous Union with open ones economies and deep global connections and enshrines democratic principles in the international arena In a more complex world of global transfers of power and its dispersal, the EU must be united. Never ever it was not so important and urgent that Europeans - within institutions, states and nations - consolidate theirs unity.

In a more interconnected world, the EU will reach out and engage with others. Given the global value chains, extremely rapid technological development and increasing migration, the EU will participate in the world market and co-shape the rules governing it. The Union cannot be barricaded from external threats. Hiding from the world only robs us of the opportunities offered by the connected the world.

Environmental degradation and scarcity of resources know no borders as much as transnational crime and terrorism. The outer cannot be separated from the inner.

The truth is that internal policies often only address the consequences of external developments. Interdependence with all opportunities We can meet the challenges and concerns it brings by engaging in the wider world and in relation to nemu.


In a more problematic world, the EU will be guided by a strong sense of responsibility. When solving crisis, no spells work: there are no miracle recipes that we could prescribe to someone to another. However, a responsible change can bring positive change.

We will therefore act swiftly,to prevent violent conflicts, we will be able and prepared to respond responsibly, to crises,mediate agreements for the implementation of which are the responsibility of local actors and adopt long-term ones commitments.

We will accept responsibility, especially in Europe and the surrounding regions, with in a broader context, we will engage in a targeted manner. We will act globally to address the root causes conflicts and poverty and to promote the indivisibility and universality of human rights.

The security of our Union

The EU's global strategy starts at home. For decades, our Union has allowed citizens to live in unprecedented security, democracy and prosperity. We will build on these successes in the following as well

years. Today, however, our people and our territory are threatened by terrorism, hybrid threats, climate change,

economic instability and energy uncertainty. It erodes European values ​​and the European way of life politics of fear. Radical change is necessary to maintain and develop what we have achieved so far. In order to guarantee its security, promote its prosperity and protect its democracies strengthen in terms of security and defense in full compliance with human rights and the rule of law.We need to translate our commitments to mutual assistance and solidarity into action and to a greater extent contribute to the collective security of Europe.

Security and defense

Europeans must take greater responsibility for their security. We must be prepared and able to deter, respond to and protect against external threats. Europeans must be able to to protect Europe, to respond to external crises and to help develop security and defense capabilities their partners, in which they must carry out these tasks in cooperation with others. In addition to the external crisis management and capacity building, the EU should also be able to assist, upon request, in protecting its own members and their institutions.

This means fulfilling its commitments on mutual assistance and solidarity and address challenges with an internal and external dimension, such as terrorism, hybrid threats, cyber and energy security, organized crime and the management of external borders. For example, missions and Common Security and Defense Policy operations may operate alongside the European Border and Defense the EU Coast Guard and specialized agencies in order to strengthen border protection and maritime security to save more lives, fight cross-border crime and dismantle networks.

A more credible European defense is also essential for a healthy transatlantic one partnership with the United States.

Member States need the technological and industrial means to acquire and maintainthem competencies that support their ability to act independently. Although defense policy and spending remain in national jurisdiction, no Member State can afford to act alone: ​​uniformity is needed effort and cooperation. Deeper defense cooperation brings interoperability, efficiency, effectiveness and trust: increases the productivity of defense spending. The development and maintenance of defense capabilities requires investment and optimizing the use of national resources through deeper cooperation.

Tibor Tzebo

Official Member

IPO Section Slovakia

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