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Il Dispari, Italian newspaper publish the work of our members of IPO Section Italy

Il Dispari, the Italian newspaper on the island of Ischia and Procida, closely follows the work of our two members of IPO Section Italy, Alessio Romeo & Silvia Morreale. Thanks to them, Il Dispari has published numerous articles concerning the purpose of the International Police Organization. They mentioned several times The International Police Organization IPO is a professional non-profit and non-governmental organization with National and International membership that does not pursue for-profit economic goals, cooperates with

National and International State Institutions to achieve its objectives and goals butis independent of public administration, state institutions, political or religious, whether these be native or foreign.

The establishment, creation of this Organization is based on the ratified National and International Legislation to support, assist and advise law enforcement institutions and citizens through various Training and Projects to be closer to the community.

The vision is to build a society without threats of crime and aims to work closely with law enforcement agencies to provide technical and professional assistance in the prevention of criminal offenses, the study, investigation, of perpetrators, tracing, apprehending, documenting criminal activity, and bringing suspects to justice, as well as developing and implementing strategies and action plans for the prevention and combating of general and organized crime through co-operation with National & International Organizations for the implementation of programs and different projects about this field.

In this last article, Alessio Romeo, Silvia Morreale, and Valeria Rossi illustrated the "S.A.R.A. Code" Women Security Program.

The S.A.R.A. Code provides immediate and interactive support, concretely supporting the victim in the whole phase that precedes the complaint.

In its extreme internal complexity, S.A.R.A. Code is able to reach the end user in a simple and immediate way, providing the necessary anchor for all those women who experience situations of physical and psychological violence. Violence is on the agenda and it is not always easy to recognize the signs. Furthermore, the bureaucratic process makes the aid phase cumbersome, discouraging the victim to come forward and report.

The S.A.R.A. Code was designed to overcome the bureaucratic obstacle, through immediate and concrete help.

We recall that Alessio Romeo & Silvia Morreale also talked about the International Police Organization on their YouTube channel #criminalchannel.

Last thanks to the journalist Anna Coppa who follows them continuously.

IPO News Room

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