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Updated: Oct 27, 2022

On October 20, IPO Executive President Dr. Tomori Mareglen was invited to participate at the Carabinieri Officers School in Rome where took place the Conference “Police in conflict: lessons from the U.S. experience ", produced by the U.S. Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) in collaboration with the NATO Stability Police Centre of Excellence based in Vicenza, Italy http://WWW.NSPCOE.ORG.

At this conference, Dr. Tomori was accompanied by the Secretary General of IPO Dr. Ombretta Romano, and the Secretary General of CCIO Dr. Dorina Bala.

The event took place in the presence of the Deputy Commander General of the Carabinieri, Gen. C.A. Mezzavilla and Gen. D. Claudio Domizi, Commander of the Carabinieri Officers School, with the intervention of John Sopko, General Inspector of SIGAR, of Ambassador Stefano Pontecorvo, last Senior Civilian Representative of NATO in Afghanistan, of Irene Fellin, NATO Secretary General's Special Representative for Women, Peace and Security (who is also head of the NATO Human Security Office), Minister Plenipotentiary Alessandro Cattaneo, Head of the NATO Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, as well as the Colonel of the Carabinieri Giuseppe De Magistris, Director of the NATO Stability Policing Center of Excellence.

The document presented is the result of an intense and multi-year collaboration between SIGAR and the NATO Stability Policing Center of Excellence on the basis of a cooperation agreement signed in 2019, which supported an in-depth joint analysis of the commitment by the international community. on police assistance during the long experience in Afghanistan.

In particular, the report made it possible to draw up, in the perspective of the "Lessons Learned", a series of recommendations aimed at identifying corrective measures to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of the international commitment in the context of support missions. and reconstruction of local police forces in countries characterized by internal fragility and high instability.

The contents of the report are part of the renewed effort by the Atlantic Alliance to support the so-called three "Core Tasks" of Deterrence and Defense, Crisis Prevention and Management and Cooperative Security, as reiterated as part of the new NATO Strategic Concept, approved at the end of last June, in which the concept of "Human Security" - understood as a multisectoral area that attaches primary importance to the protection of populations - assumes primary importance.

In fact, it is this last fundamental document that underlines the importance of exploiting as much as possible the "lessons learned" by the Atlantic Alliance in the last three decades with a specific look at the Afghan experience, to improve operational readiness, planning and NATO cooperation.

The conference was attended by Ambassador Francesco Maria Talò, Permanent Representative of the Italian Delegation to NATO, and the representatives and Military Attachés of the embassies of the Nations participating in the NATO Stability Policing Center of Excellence (i.e. Czech Republic, France, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain and Turkey).

The NATO Stability Policing Center of Excellence (NATO Center of Excellence for the Stability Police - NSPCoE is one of the 28 Centers of Excellence of the Atlantic Alliance, a NATO joint and multinational military body, led by Arma dei Carabinieri, to which they contribute the other national Armed Forces, as well as the Gendarmerie or Military Police of France, Holland, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Spain, Turkey and Greece.

The headquarters of NATO SPCoE are in Vicenza, in the “Gen. Chinotto ", which also houses the Center of Excellence for the Stability Police Units of the Arma, (CoESPU), and the European Gendarmerie Force, with which it forms an international pole in the field of the Stability Police that is unique in the world. three institutions, respectively, with NATO, the UN and the EU, as well as with the African Union and the OSCE.

The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) was established in 2008 by the American Congress following the armed intervention in AFGHANISTAN against the Taliban regime which took place in 2001, in order to supervise, in an independent and objective way, the projects and activities started for the reconstruction process of that country.

In this activity, Dr. Tomori and Dr. Romano had the pleasure of meeting with different high-ranking personalities with whom they talked about IPO activity as well as shared thoughts and experiences from a professional point of view where common points of cooperation can be found in the future.

Also, Dr. Tomori congratulated for the excellent work in the NATO SPCoE the second head of this center, the Romanian Gendarmerie Colonel Dorin Luta, as well as Senior Officer (Major OF-3) of Carabinieri Corps Adriano Fabio Castellari, with whom he had a broad conversation about collaboration on the development of common projects in the future.

This is the second time that Dr. Tomori takes part in the NATO SPCoE conferences after the one that took place in Vicenza Italy on June 5-7 >>>>

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