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Updated: May 6

From April 15 to 17, the European Police Congress took place in Berlin, where our organization had its delegation headed by the IPO Founder and Honorary President Prof. Ilija Zivotic, and the IPO Executive President Dr. Mareglen Tomori.

The IPO delegation at this Congress was composed of our members and associates from many European countries, especially from Italy, Slovenia, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Albania.

This year also, IPO is an Official Partner of the European Police Congress, which enabled us to have our space to present to the visitors right next to the stand of the German National Police and its union.


The European Police Congress is an international congress for decision-makers from police and security authorities and industry. Its aim is to strengthen the dialog between authorities and to give participants the opportunity to make new contacts with colleagues from all over Europe.

Each year, critical discussions are held on current topics and the latest developments in technologies for professional use in the security sector are presented by the exhibitors. The European Police Congress is the largest internal security conference in the European Union. Every year, experts from more than 20 countries meet at the conference. Representatives from the police, border guards, secret services, governments, parliaments, and industry take part in the conference.


The European Police Congress is organized by "Behörden Spiegel", Germany's leading newspaper for public authorities, with the support of national and European authorities.

We had a large number of important meetings, from which we single out the conversation between our member of IPO Germany Mr. Mile Stanojević, and the EU Coordinator for the fight against terrorism, Mr. Bartjan Vegter.

Also, the Founder of the IPO, Prof. Ilija Zivotic had an important conversation with the official of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Katarina Pavlychenko, with whom they exchanged opinions regarding the education of members of the Ukrainian Police in war conditions and the situation on the ground.

Among the visitors, the Director of the European Police Federation, Mr. Robert Bodor from Slovakia, visited our stand, with whom we exchanged important information about cooperation and joint activities in the future.


During the proceedings of the Congress, the Executive President of IPO Dr. Mareglen Tomori together with his Administrative Assistant Dr. Dorina Bala and the main staff of the IPO, the Representative of IPO Italy Dr. Klarida Rrapaj, and the Representative of IPO Albania Dr. Valentina Telhaj had the pleasure of meeting and hosting in the international corner of the IPO at the European Police Congress important personalities from the institutional and law enforcement structures, among them the meeting with Dr. Arben Vuçaj, Liaison Officer at the Embassy of the Republic of Albania in Berlin and the High Officers of the Albanian State Police, Mr. Rebani Jaupi, Director of the Department for Public Security in the General Directorate of the State Police and Mr. Tonin Vocaj, Director of the Tirana Police Directorate.

The meeting and conversation reconfirmed and strengthened the ongoing cooperation that the IPO has with the Ministry of the Interior of Albania, mainly with the General Directorate of the State Police.

Also very important was the meeting with Mr. Oliver Hoffmann, President of IPA Germany and Chairman of the International Relations Commission of IPA - International Police Association, a very professional and visionary person with whom Dr. Tomori had a wide conversation about the future cooperation and work between our organizations IPA and IPO which with different programs but with the same objectives, that of strengthening the figure and the image of the Police around the world as well as increasing the capacities of law enforcement agencies to a safer community.

Also in this meeting, Dr. Tomori officially invited Mr. Hofman to participate as a special guest in the 3rd International IPO Congress which will be held on June 22 in Tirana, Albania, an invitation that Mr. Hofman welcomed and accepted with much respect and pleasure.

During the 2 days of the congress, the members of the IPO delegation had the opportunity to meet with high-level personalities of European law enforcement agencies as well as representatives of security agencies and companies present at the exhibition which was part of this congress.

On behalf of IPO Headquarters and all members around the world, we thank all members for their support as well as those who were part of our delegation of 15 people at this extremely important security event.


We also want to remind all IPO members who wish to be part of the IPO delegations in future events, to contact us at to express your interest.

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