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Updated: Dec 11, 2022

On November 11, at the invitation of the Minister of Justice of Albania, Dr. Tomori Mareglen, as the Executive President of the IPO, participated in the consultative meeting with international partners such as UNICEF and OSCE Presence in Albania, etc. for the implementation of the Juvenile Justice Strategy 2018-2021, as well as the presentation of the Juvenile Justice Strategy 2022-2026

During this meeting, opinions were exchanged on the main policy goals of the action plan, the new Juvenile Justice Strategy, as well as the creation of a plan of measures that focuses on informational and educational programs for the early prevention of criminality; development of best practice standards and guidelines for juvenile justice; drawing up evaluation reports of criminal, civil and family legislation, with the aim of improving the legislation in the field of guaranteeing children's rights in accordance with international standards.

During his speech, the Minister of Justice, Mr. Ulsi Manja, said, among other things, that "The Juvenile Justice Strategy 2022-2026, is conceived on four political goals, which are also the focus for the following years. They are the prevention of crimes against children and from them between education, information, and awareness of society and children, a legal, institutional and professional framework that enables a friendly justice for every child, guaranteeing access at any time to friendly justice for every child, as well as criminal justice that enables the prevention of the child's re-involvement in crime, resocialization, and reintegration of children in contact/conflict with the law".

The protection and guarantee of children's rights is one of the key priorities of the Ministry of Justice, implemented in the Albanian Government Program under the main objective: "Implementation of the reform of the justice system for minors in conflict with the law, strengthening the justice system restorative and effective procedural protection".

The Center of Prevention of Juvenile and Youth Crime "QPKMR", with which the IPO has created a partnership protocol, plays a key role in the new Strategy for Juveniles, which increases the focus on the quality of services, the prevention of criminality and recidivism for every minor in conflict with the law and the creation of multidisciplinary bodies in handling cases. The director of QPKMR Mrs. Klaudia Hasanllari during her speech said, among other things, that the KPKMR, as an institution responsible for preventing the return of minors to crime, will continue to engage as a responsible institution or partner in some of the pillars of this strategy and in specific goals and concrete measures that to prevent juvenile and youth crime.

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