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Updated: Apr 15, 2022

April 13, the IPO HQ Leadership met in a working meeting in Belgrade at the Office of the Founding and Honorary President of IPO Ass. Prof. Dr. Ilija Zivotic together with the Executive President - CEO Dr. Tomori Mareglen and the Coordination Director

Mrs. Sanela Nikolic.

In this meeting were discussed the summaries of the work for the first 3 months of this year and were agreed on the details of the program for the development of the first IPO Congress which will be held in Belgrade from 10 to 12 June. Details of the Congress will be posted on the official IPO website in the coming days.

This meeting was also important to remember the 4th anniversary of the IPO creation.

In April 2018, a small group of experts in the field of security and law enforcement decided to create the IPO NGO as a professional organization that would serve as a bridge between law enforcement and the community, gathering in its membership experts from various fields who will exchange their experiences and acquaintances with each other.

The initiative group was led by the Ass.Prof.Dr. Ilija Zivotic Security Expert & Crime Analyst, and Mr. Stevan Djokic a high-ranking Security Expert which together found the IPO International Police Organization and the IPO Section Serbia.

A few months later, this group of experts was joined by Dr. Tomori Mareglen Criminologist and Crime Analyst who founded the IPO Section Italy and also held the post of General Director of Coordination after the first international meeting which took place in Milan in July 2019 between Dr. Zivotic and Dr. Tomori where also it was decided to establish the IPO International Headquarters in Italy. At the same meeting, it was decided to moderate the program and reshape the form of international operation by creating sections that today are part of the IPO international umbrella NGO.

After a few months when the Covid 19 pandemic blocked everything around the world, our international team was joined by Mrs. Sanela Nikolic Police Officer and Crime Analyst who held the post of Coordination Inspector and together we dedicated to the online professional training courses and webinars which today have become an integral part of the IPO Academy.

The year 2020 brought on our organization many changes in terms of international administration and coordination which became more and more difficult but with support and cooperation between colleagues where after the creation of the IPO Section Italy we managed to create several other sections in Europe such as: IPO Section Montenegro, IPO Section France, and IPO Section Bulgaria which became a model for the development and creation of other sections around the world where thanks to the close cooperation and exchange of experiences between colleagues, they are growing every day.

In the same year, was established and registered in Milan, Italy the IPO Headquarters, where it was decided to renew the image of the IPO and the international development with a clear and moderate program with which we are still moving forward today.

The meeting also included thanks to all the collaborators who have followed us step by step on our journey but in particular, many thanks to the President of IPO Section France Mr. Nebil Ben Khelifa, the President of IPO Section Kenya, and IPO African Command

Mr. Shuaib Adam, the President of IPO Section Montenegro Mr. Ivan Pekic, the Leader of IPO Section Slovenia Mr. Daniel Prastalo, the Leader of IPO Section Belgium and coordinator for EU and the Middle East relations Mr. Hany El Zahar who has given their maximum for a serious and professional cooperation and development of the IPO worldwide.

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