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IPO Montenegro Security Conference

At February 7th in Crystal Conference Hall Hotel Podgorica in the capital of Montenegro held a scientific conference organized by the our Section IPO Montenegro. At the event, firs speaker was president of the executive board IPO Montenegro Mr. Ivan Pekic. He presented the history of terrorism and spoke about the connection between drug trafficking and terrorism.

Mr. Ivan Pekic during his lecture

After his presentation the guests had the opportunity to hear a lecture from the most famous expert in the field of virology in Europe, doctor from the Military Medical Academy in Belgrade, Elizabet Ristanovic. She talked about the viruses that occurred in the past and ways of combating them. Special attention is drawn to the part of the lecture on bioterrorism and Corona virus.

Dr. Elizabeta Ristanović Phd

Last but not less important speaker was the head of the Government Protection and Rescue Service in Podgorica Mr. Goran Janković. He presented the actions of his service in case of emergencies, especially in case of attacks with biological weapons.

Goran Janković head of Montenegro Protection and Rescue Service in Podgorica

After the end of conference ,.IPO Montenegro President Zarko Jankovic awarded all speakers with Diploma and announced new discussions and lectures in Montenegro.

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