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IPO Section NMK ( North Macedonia ) wished a welcome for new members and their President Nenad Mirovski on 27.11.2021 held a meeting in Delcevo, North Macedonia,

to introduce them with the work of our organization.

New members was very interested for cooperation and participation in activities of IPO. Considering that between new members we have civilians, the president explains to them what are benefits of our educations, courses, and webinars, that everybody can make progress for them selfs by attending our courses and webinars and with that certificates and knowledge, participate in our future projects which we are planing.

Also, Mr. Mirovski explained to the members the importance of our badges, which can't be abused by the members, can't serve for introducing members like police officers and that every act like that is a personal responsibility of each member which can have law consequences.

This meeting was useful, not only for the new but for the old members too, to exchange their opinions and ideas and to show that the most important for every section is the cooperation between members and leaders, to resolve every possible problem and to create new ideas for better development of all our organization.

A warm welcome also received Mr. Borche Janchevski, Security and martial arts expert, who become our new instructor in IPO Section NMK.

It is a great pleasure for our organization to see that all our sections are going forward with the members, not only great experts but also civilians who are willing to learn and to participate, what is the most important, to contribute together with civil society.

IPO News Room

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