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IPO Section Italy new important Partnership

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

After many conversations on the exchange of experiences, projects and ideas, a partnership agreement was reached between the International Police Organization IPO and A.N.E.S.P.P. National Association of Public and Private Security Experts.

Due to the current situation, a meeting in person was not possible, but in any case the partnership was signed telematically by the representative leaders of the organizations, Dr. Fabrizio Fantinel President of ANESPP, and Dr. Tomori Mareglen Leader of IPO Section Italy and General Director of Coordination of International Police Organization IPO

The partnership represents a capillary development opportunity in Europe and internationally with the aim of launching a path of professional growth reserved for our members, experts in the subject, and for the new professionals of tomorrow.

We strongly believe in our opportunities for professional development and are sure to spread the deepest values.

A.N.E.S.P.P and IPO share the same objectives.

A.N.E.S.P.P is an association of a professional technical nature of experts in the security sector intended as the prevention and limitation of damage related to criminal actions of any kind; accidental or malicious events in the context of production, work and professional activities.

A.N.E.S.P.P brings together criminologists, public security professionals including those belonging to the state police forces, consultants and operators of security, surveillance and private investigation, weapons and ballistics experts, qualified civil defense instructors, emergency operators. and rescue, corporate and civil security consultants.

The IPO is formed with the aim of increasing the knowledge of safety among citizens with different types of education. We will try to resolve security issues and adequately represent them to public and security officials by exchanging experiences and ideas.

We will strive to share the experience of policemen, agents, experts, professionals and others with citizens, through the use of lectures, seminars and other forms of education. The IPO will have the role of giving full support to the country's security officials in every nation that has its representation present

In the event of an emergency, the organization will urgently ask its members to assist officials of an authorized country in an area where the emergency occurs.

Unlike other organizations with a similar name, where civilians can only be honorary or sympathetic members, the IPO is an organization where civilians are the main members.

Our leaders are security experts, former and current members of law enforcement, police, military and security services, they are here to share their knowledge and skills with ordinary citizens so they know how to act in situations of emergency.

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