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Last weekend, IPO SECTION KENYA held a successful meeting and greet led by

African Command President Mr. Shuaib Adam HSC and supported by the Executive Board members DSG Anwar Abdulshakur, ASG Avdeep Singh Ghale,

and Executive Board member Mr. Nazir Hakada who did an outstanding job in hosting and distributing the Membership cards, Certificates, and IPO Merchandise

for the IPO Section Kenya Members.

During the President's speech, it was highlighted that IPO activities and membership were increasing and more is to be expected in the future.

To members were reminded not to misuse the IPO Badges and ID cards and to respect the guidelines of IPO in accordance with the local laws, also guests in attendance were invited to apply for membership and to join the big professional family IPO.

Congratulatory messages were also received from IPO Mombasa Chairman and

IPO Meru Chairman on the successful meeting.

The meeting ended with a shared meal with the IPO African Command management team thanking them for the work done for the development of IPO in Kenya but also in other countries of the African continent.

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