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As part of the project entitled: "Safety of young people on the roads" which is financed by the Ministry of Capital Investments of Montenegro, and implemented by IPO Montenegro together with partners from the NGO Sistem, a practical lecture on the topic: "Exercises and first aid techniques."

Before the start of the lecture, the present students were greeted by the president of the IPO of Montenegro, MSc Ivan Pekic, general secretary of IPO Momcilo Scekic, coordinator in IPO Boris Jankovic, our respected TV E journalist and member of IPO Svetlana Djokic and our member, student of criminology Adelisa Huremovic, who introduced the project to the attendees and on behalf of the organization, he thanked the Mixed High School and the Municipal Police and the Inspectorate - Andrijevica, headed by our respected member, Chief Ilija Miketic, for the wholehearted welcome and cooperation.

Lecturer Maja Gardasevic a nurse at the Podgorica Health Center, introduced the present students to the techniques of providing first aid, all with the aim of raising the level of existing and acquiring new knowledge, practical skills for providing assistance to vulnerable persons and developing altruism, attitudes and permanent motivation of school children and youth to help the vulnerable.

Every traffic participant should master the basic principles of providing first aid, i.e. methods of medical procedures determined by the urgency of the case, because when an accident or injury occurs, the correct application of first aid can be crucial in saving lives and reducing pain and suffering. That is why it is important for everyone to acquire basic first aid knowledge so that they are ready to respond in an emergency.

Providing first aid can also be dangerous and should not be undertaken unless the person giving first aid is familiar with the appropriate techniques. Therefore, training is very important in order to ensure the safety of the vulnerable and determine the correct intervention in emergency cases.

The goal of the "Safety of young people on the roads" project is for students to improve their education through the promotion of traffic, increasing the level of personal and, therefore, social responsibility.

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