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Thursday, March 9, and Friday, March 10 were reserved for school teachers in Nis.

As part of the Hobby Against Violence project approved by the Institute for the Improvement of Education of the Republic of Serbia as a permanent form of professional development for teachers and professors, Marija Šutulović and Ilija Životić held several lectures.

Our participants this time were primary school teachers in Niš from four schools: Teacher Tasa, Tsar Konstantin, Sveti Sava, and Ćele Kula. In the first part of the lecture, we reminded school teachers about different forms of school violence ( bullying ), their causes, implications, and preventive measures. We considered a large number of cases that all of us faced and discussed some proposals for the improvement of preventive measures.

In the second part, we presented a large number of legal regulations starting with the UN Convention, through various strategies, protocols, regulations, and decrees of the Government of RS, which define and regulate the fight against violence. We put a special emphasis on school Protection Teams and the prejudices surrounding the inclusion of students and their parents in these teams, which must not be a mere formality but must be very operational.

Finally, we explained the importance of encouraging hobbies for school children. We especially considered group school sections such as choir, modeling, and the like, where results are achieved through the joint work of students, where there are no individual winners and medals for individuals, but where inclusion and collective spirit are developed.

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